Top 5 Benefits of Running

Lose Excessive Weight

For a 160-pound and above person, running not lifting is the best route to lose the extra weight. It can burn more than 850 calories in an hour.

Better Sex

Not only having a flat belly would step up your confidence in bed, but consistent exercise can and will raise your flexibility between the sheets. It also helps increase your libido because of the increased blood flow in your body. And we all know the health benefits of sex.

Memory Promotion

Running is a proven method to keep a sharp, acute mind. Running more often also help alleviate symptoms of dementia and guard the brain against Alzheimer’s, even if you inherited the faulty genes from your family.

Improving Skin

Evidently, a healthy amount of sweating can and will flush the filth that clogs your pores consequently prevent breakouts. Moreover, a good sweating session can also help the skin produce more of that fresh, natural oils, which keeps your skin glowingly firm. Remember: just like you remove makeup before sleep, remove it before working out too. Avoid breakouts by washing\showering shortly after a good run.

Develop a Positive Body Image

Do you want rational reasons to wear your shoes and run? Runners who run in nature have a better view than those who choose the dread mill with bland, artificial scenes in front of them. Therefore, the outside runners have an above average self-esteem after finishing their workout, which improves immunity.

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