Run Your Stress Away?

Runners can easily adapt to regular sleep patterns, which leads to better performance as well. What’s more, running stimulates high-quality sleep, which translates into deep, healing sleep at night. So, if you’re struggling with establishing a normal sleep routine, running might be the answer you were looking for.

It takes only one hour of running a week to reduce your risk of heart disease by nearly half compared to not running. For runners who are already meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines (150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week), the extra effort put in exercise can lessen the risk of heart disease even more. (Just remember not to overdo it and hurt instead of help yourself.) Less is more, too much is too much.

Run Away from Stress

Wait, before you pull your hair out consider going for a run. Instead of running to YouTube, watching funny cat videos for hours, try actually running to your health. Running increase the brain’s serotonin levels without any drugs, or mind-numbing binge video viewing. In fact, Regular exercise will reshape the brain, making you peaceful and immune to stress.

Running frequently will build up your stamina, like a snowball, the more you run, and the more it becomes delightful and productive. The increased strength will not only benefit you on the track, but it will also help in work and other areas as well.

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