Month: July 2017

Overlooked Benefits of Running

Being Balanced Elder runners are better at keeping their balance than nonrunners. Running helps you protect the knees, joints, and tendons, which all contribute to a better sense of balance. But don’t exaggerate, overdoing exercise would result in… Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Running

Lose Excessive Weight For a 160-pound and above person, running not lifting is the best route to lose the extra weight. It can burn more than 850 calories in an hour. Better Sex Not only having a flat… Read More

Run Your Stress Away?

Runners can easily adapt to regular sleep patterns, which leads to better performance as well. What’s more, running stimulates high-quality sleep, which translates into deep, healing sleep at night. So, if you’re struggling with establishing a normal sleep… Read More

Unlocking Health By Running

Do you want to improve your health? A good looking body? And break your daily routine? Running offers all that, and some more. This is not an advertisement. Running is one of fastest, sweaty ways to get your… Read More